At Innerfire Seattle, we welcome all who are striving for an improved life experience. Our local community of Wim Hof Method practitioners engage to foster a supportive training experience as we individually pursue our personal needs and depths.  Whether you are an elite athlete at the top of your game, a climber, cyclist or other weekend warrior seeking improved physical endurance, an entrepreneur looking for an edge, or
someone struggling to work past an injury or chronic pain, I am confident that the Wim Hof Method can help you to achieve greater adaptability, resilience, and performance. Come join the experience to achieve lasting Health, Strength and Happiness through the Wim Hof Method! 

"I am committed to connecting with each student to determine how best to customize and
present the practice to help each person to achieve their personal
goals, given their individual backgrounds and abilities."

 - Matt Soule



$129 — Level 1 Introductory Workshop

$249 — Level 2 Advanced Workshop (Sunday only) 

$549 — Level 2 Advanced Retreat (includes training, lodging, meals) 

$1299 — Level 3 Master Retreat (includes training, lodging, meals)

$20 — Drop-in class (must have already attended an intro workshop)

*all prices above subject to sales tax

**Important Side note:  The above training is for personal advancement and  self-development. This is not an instructor training track.  If you wish to pursue becoming an instructor of the Wim Hof Method, this can be accomplished by contacting the Academy at  

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